Just Science Weekend: They Eat Their Young

When you see frozen fish sticks, think cod; when you eyeball the seafood salad at Subway, think pollock. Deep-sea fishes are all around us, but we know very little about them. For example, did you know cod have a bioluminescent anus? And they cannibalize their young? If not, please, read on.

Just Science Weekend: Gadid Fish

Deep-sea cod (family Gadidae) are “one of the most important families of fishes in the deep-sea”. Their deep siblings include pollock and hake. Pollock is what they use to make fake crab legs in the Subway seafood salad. It’s packaged as sarimi, a strange white Asian boloney. Sarimi fishermen catch pollock with bottom trawls off Alaska, and press the meat into a white pressed sausage stained with bright colors in the sliced meat section at the Vietnamese grocery. Check it out sometime.