Webcasting Exploration

National Geographic explorer-in-residence Dr. Robert Ballard led a team of scientists to explore the “twilight zone” near 100m depth around the Flower Garden Banks region in the Gulf of Mexico last week. If you followed along at either of the two hosting websites you could see mud volcanoes, brine seeps, ancient shorelines, deep coral heads, schools of jacks, and lots of gorgonians.

Secrets of the Gulf Expedition Online

Enjoy live feeds from the Secrets of the Gulf Expedition with the US Navy NR1 Nuclear Submarine and Bob Ballard’s Argos tow sled as they survey the Flower Garden Banks region for paleo-shorelines and deep octocoral habitats at 100m depth. I’ll be taking part in the benthic surveys remotely. I hope you can, too.

Deep water warming off Russia

Researchers from the neatly monikered Institute of Low Temperature Science at Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan are showing that intermediate water (200-2000m) off Russia has warmed significantly over the past 50 years. The warming trend is accompanied by decreasing oxygen content. The warmer water is attributed to a decrease in (cold) shelf water production in the Sea of Okhotsk, an epicenter of global warming.