Plastic Expanding Inevitable

Apparently the pelagic pollution phenomenon is beyond clogging the stomachs of the marine megavertebrates, and it’s making people fat, too. Think about that the next time the cashier double-bags your one gallon jug of milk. For the sake of the ocean, say “paper please”.

25 Million Dollar Earth Challenge

Former Vice President Al Gore joined airline tycoon Richard Branson today to announce a $25 million prize to the first person to come up with a way of scrubbing greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere in the battle to
beat global warming. Today, he joined Richard Branson, the British magnate, adventurer, and now eco-entrepreneur, in announcing the Virgin Earth Challenge, a $25 million bounty Mr. Branson is offering for any scientist or team who can figure out a way to pull the most significant heat-trapping gas, carbon dioxide, directly out of the air.