Marine Biology FAIL

T-shirt shows coccolithophore instead of dinoflagellate

Zazzle, are you saying that all phytoplankton look the SAME to you?!

Thanks, R.A.!

Miriam Goldstein (226 Posts)

11 comments on “Marine Biology FAIL
  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! They’re in completely different fucking SUPERGROUPS!
    My brain hurts. Poor Ehux is NOT deadly, last I checked! >.<

    Crabe, how did you calculate the divergence time? Just curious, because the phylogenetic placement of these buggers is still not entirely clear…

    (btw, the epitome of eukaryotic taxon fail is the tradition of using pictures of Chaos or Amoeba proteus in fear mongering articles about Naegleria fowlerii…)

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