Crittercam Reveals the Vile Secret Truth of Sea Lions

This is a travesty. Octopus everywhere are being decimated by these horrible creatures. Thankfully, we have learned the truth through National Geographic’s crittercam. Sadly though, there appears to be a certain bias here… :(

Kevin Zelnio (886 Posts)

5 comments on “Crittercam Reveals the Vile Secret Truth of Sea Lions
  1. Sea Lions are evil. Have you ever watched them play frisbee with a poor Mola mola? They rip the fins off, play with them for a bit and then let the still living fish sink to the bottom where the can live for days, unable to swim.

  2. I got taken by a group of Sea Lions in Vegas at a blackjack table. Turns out they can count cards. I was unaware of this until security showed up and booted the group out. Lost 5K on that deal.

    Evil, evil bastards.

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