5 comments on “Alpaca Surfing. Because We Can?
  1. Impressed? By hoisting an obviously reluctant alpaca on a surf board? I’d be impressed if the alpaca went more willingly and tried to stay on instead of jumping off as soon as the water was shallow enough.

  2. I agree with Kate. The poor thing held its ears straight back the whole time – an obvious sign of an unhappy alpaca. Thumbs down to this posting.

  3. Ditto! Watching it I am reminded of Stalin’s observation about communism and Poland being like putting a saddel on a cow. You can do it but you have to wonder why….

  4. I’m a proud llama owner, and believe me, if that alpaca didn’t want to surf, it would DEFINITELY be spitting, balking, all that.

    Kudos, this guy has accomplished more with a stubborn camelid than I ever would in a lifetime!

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