We’ve made a few exciting new additions to our blogroll in the last month that I would like highlight. Please visit their sites and make them regular reads of your own!

Anthozoa – A new blog about the ecology and biogeography of the natural world, as well as environmental issues concerning the oceans. The author is a graduate student studying the effect of global change on coral reefs.

Arthropoda – Fast becoming a favorite. All Arthropod all the the time! Well-written, entertaining articles about crustaceans, but also arachnids and insects too. The author is a graduate student at University of Maryland studying mantis shrimp vision.

Conservation Maven – This blog bills itself as “a online hub for the conservation community” and delivers! Excellent site with original posts on conservation research and issues (even in the ocean) written by a group of dedicated conservation biologists an journalists.

The EEB and Flow – A fantastic group blog by established evolutionary ecologists where they discuss not only research and conservation issues, but career and academic life.

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