Southpark Hates On Sea Shepherd

If you missed what was perhaps the most glorious thing to ever be created, you can watch Southpark’s Whale Whores episode in its entirety here. Especially watch the Larry King segment in the middle for the most accurate description of Paul Watson yet.

And if for some strange reason you are not reading Southern Fried Science, read their recent posts Sea Sheppard FAIL and What a Good Conservation Organization Looks Like. Then watch this amazing creation. Open thread for discussing the utter uselessness and waste that is Sea Sheppard.

Also, see Shark Divers’ blog.

Kevin Zelnio (886 Posts)

5 comments on “Southpark Hates On Sea Shepherd
  1. I was watching this last night, and wondered aloud- what will DSN think? I couldn’t stop laughing. (Cartman’s rendition of Poker Face was an added bonus).

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