Actor Jeremy Piven impaired by mercury

Who loves the movie HBO’s Entourage? Me. And the movie PCU? I do. What do they have in common? Actor Jeremy Piven.

The talented actor was just excused from a Broadway production of David Mamet’s Speed the Plow because of elevated mercury levels "which may have been due to large amount of fish in his diet." I am willing to bet tens of dollars this guy eats sushi twice a week or more.

A smart thinking marine NGO (MaNGO) needs to fly in to give this thespian a briefing session on mercury levels and bio-accumulation in top-predators, because Piven is a great actor, but he’s even better as a poster child for unsafe sushi. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. How safe is your sushi? More and more, it’s safe to assume its polluted.

Mercury issues are not just for pregnant mothers anymore. Go easy on the sushi, monitor your intake, and know the signs of "fish fog". You can’t sleep, can’t remember your lines, you’re irritated, late for rehearsals, etc.

Best wishes to Jeremy Piven for a quick recovery. – PJE

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