25 Days of Deep Sea Christmas: #2 Avenging Narwhal Playset


We previously highlighted this wonderful children’s toy. What could be more fun for your child this holiday? Another pair of socks and a turtleneck or skewering charismatic fluffyheads? Make sure you grab your Avenging Narwhal Playset today!

narwhal is an arctic-dwelling whale that has been called "the unicorn
of the sea" due to its long pointy tusk. There is debate about the true
purpose of this tusk, but finally the truth is revealed! The narwhal
uses its tusk to impale the cute animals of the world, specifically
baby seals, baby penguins and koalas. This 5-1/2" long, hard vinyl
narwhal comes with four magic tusks (crystal, onyx, ruby and ice) to
impale the three 1-1/2" long, soft vinyl cuties. Don’t let cute overrun the world, fight back with your own Avenging Narwhal!" (emphasis mine)


Kevin Zelnio (886 Posts)

10 comments on “25 Days of Deep Sea Christmas: #2 Avenging Narwhal Playset
  1. Never thought Discovery would offer fluffyheads being skewered! Maybe we can get Nanook of the North Bludgeoning fluffyheads next! LOL!! I love it!

  2. Karen, I positioned certain postings in advance in order for people to buy items in time to actually get them for xmas… like oh say, t-shirts, coffee mugs and the like… perhaps with sailing ships on them. There is no correlation with position on the list to “wantitude”.

  3. ummmm, Kevin…….apart from traumatising young children with the slaughter of Pingu….penguins – Antarctica; narwhals – the Arctic, and never the twain shall meet. As a better alternaive, hows about a right whale bitch-slapping a whaler?

  4. From the Store that brought you the run away hit action figure The Library lady (with deluxe shooshing action), Archie McFee’s in Seattle! I’ve been watching this action figure line grow for years. The Librarian in question is a real Seattle librarian, and Action Figure Jesus is one of their best sellers. I know, none of these are ocean related, but I think the back story makes this an even better buy (plus they need the revenue – their building has been sold out from under them).

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