25 Days of Deep Sea Christmas: #10 Underwater Text Messenger

Udi_2What better way to communicate in the human-voice-stopping three dimensional environment of the ocean? The Underwater Text Messenger from UTC is a combination text messenger, dive computer (goes down to 500 meters), SOS signal, homing beacon, compass, dive log (stores 100 dies), data logger and much more! I would totally wear this everyday just going about my daily business in the lab. Best $990 you’ll ever spend, second to The Beagle Project of course…

Kevin Zelnio (886 Posts)

5 comments on “25 Days of Deep Sea Christmas: #10 Underwater Text Messenger
  1. Wow, Shiny cool! but… is it air integrated? Can it be programed to work with a rebreather? Does it allow reading PDF or ebooks on deco stops?

  2. Oooohhhhhhhh! Want want want! Can you imagine if they could integrate the web with this little puppy somehow? I’m sure the water would make it problematic but just think.. mobile blogging from 65 ft under the surface!

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