TGIF: More Deep Sea Tattoos!

These are brought to us by a faithful reader, deep sea enthusiast and aquarist! Recognize a few from our top 27 deep sea organisms?

Img_2192_3 Img_2190_3

And if that wasn’t awesome enough check out her inked museum of cephalopods below the fold! A truer friend of the deep we know not of. Thanks for sharing with us M! Anyone else out there got deep sea tats to share? -KAZ

Vampire Squid

Cephalopod of Unknown Origin

Bobtail tattoo

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4 comments on “TGIF: More Deep Sea Tattoos!
  1. I keep wondering on what part of the body that cuttlefish-looking tattoo was placed, that it had to be cropped so conspicuously.. ;)
    “Flippercanorious little sausages…”

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