Screen-saver Alert

A good screen-saver makes life that much better. I’m not sure how or why they brighten a mood, but it would make a good research project in psychology. Generally, the better my screen-saver, the more I like my computer, so the happier I am being chained to it.

This week I’m using a seafloor image from Antarctica found while reading Kevin and Eric’s awesome inverteblog The Other 95%. This is one of two dozen NSF funded images collected in a photo story at entitled "Scenes from Antartica". The original caption is below.


A cable protrudes from the ice wall at Explorer’s Cove, New Harbor, McMurdo Sound in this photo taken on November 12, 2005. The cable was used for the Remotely Operable Micro-Environmental Observatory (ROMEO), an underwater camera. Connected to onshore equipment and linked by radio to the Internet, ROMEO allowed scientists to study benthic fauna year-round. (Steve Clabuesch/National Science

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5 comments on “Screen-saver Alert
  1. The words you are looking for are “background image.” A screen saver is the thing that comes on when you leave your computer idle. A background image is what you put on your computer’s “desktop” in the background of all the icons.

  2. Or you could do what I do for my screensaver. I point to a folder of images from of marine inverts on my hard drive and it plays the pictures randomly. An endless source of entertainment for my 3 year old when my computer goes into screensaver mode. Of course he can name each critter that appears! My favorite is when he says anemone.

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