Host of New Species from the Deep

What are you doing here? Zooillogix hosts a sweet photo gallery of "spectacular" new species from the Census of Marine Life, calling CoML "the gift that keeps on giving". Most of the new species are diminutive crustaceans. Here’s my favorite, a blind lobster in the genus Thaumastochelopsis.- PJE


With that long claw, blind lobster could probably make the Flintstones as Wilma’s hair curler.

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15 comments on “Host of New Species from the Deep
  1. It’s rock lobster not squat lobster [unnecessary invective removed-KAZ].

    Anyway, this thing looks bad-ass.

  2. Greg,

    Before passing judgement on others, before belittling the disabled, follow the link to the photo gallery and see the squat lobster for yourself. Oh, and pass the tanning butter.

  3. Ok kids, listen you both are wrong. It is a pincer lobster, the only other one described from this genus is Thaumastochelopsis wardi, or the Australian pincer lobster. Squat lobsters are not lobsters, they are in the infraorder Anomura, whereas the pincer lobster is in the group of true lobsters under the infraorder Astacidea. These are fairly high taxonomic level differences.

    OK, resume commenting.


    I was referring to the ZOOILLOGIX link that you posted which DOES include a SQUAT LOBSTER.

    So you can all eat it….not a squat lobster, but it.

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