Diving Through the Blogosphere 11/13/08

Around the oceanoblogosphere:

Rick MacPherson says we’re saved! Rocks can absorb CO2! Oh wait, there are the practical issues… A must read!

The latest edition of The Boneyard is up at The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Big Lie, including a cool post on fossil cephalopods!

Jason R. tells us why we shouldn’t eat Monkfish, it is more than the fact that it "looks as if it might consider me for a meal instead."

The Discovery Channel Mothership has a story on how cool and totally awesome the Census of Marine Life is and how much amazing progress they have made in our understanding of the ocean’s wealth of biodiversity.

Mark Powell points us to an interesting article suggesting scientists actually walk the walk instead of only talking… alot: When swordfish conservation biologists eat swordfish.

Erin Loury at the MLML blog has a nice article on the science behind scurvy and why vitamin C is so important for sailors.

Contrary to thought, Ed Yong posts on new research showing how shark hunting actually hurts the animals at the bottom of the food chain. Seasoned ecologists will recognize some principles here. If that isn’t enough to convince maybe the Sharks in Danger slideshow at Oceana is.

Don’t go diving without your dive pocket buoy!

Angelo, el conquistador de Marianas, needs a job. Sounds like he’s pretty qualified individual, give him interview if you need someone that connects with people and gets it done.

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