Deep Sea Tattoo


My labmate was christened this summer before an expedition to the Manus Basin hydrothermal vents. Andrew has kind enough to allow me to share his tattoo here of a "ying-yang" between 2 chemoautotrophic gastropods found at these vents. One I have written about extensively, Alvinichoncha hessleri, and the other snail is called Ifremeria nautilei. Both snails occur together and contain hydrogen sulfide-oxidizing bacteria in their gills. Alviniconcha has greater thermo-chemical tolerances though and is found closer to hydrothermal vent openings. This often results in a "bull’s eye" effect around the vent opening where Alviniconcha is in the center, surrounded by Ifremeria which is then surrounded by vent mussels. Check out images here and here.

Got a deep sea tat? Send it in! Craig’s exposed his for us. I’ve exposed my krakens and have another critter in the works. And yes, he is going to send the image in to Zimmer’s Science Tattoo Emporium.


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  1. One of these years I will get a weedy seadragon tattoo; a male with babies swimming around him – one for each of my children.

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