Best of the Top 10 Highlights at Census of Marine Life

The Daily Green has the full list of the Top Ten Highlights from Census of Marine Life. We covered the octopus’ ancestor from the "thermohaline express" the day before yesterday. Here are some other compelling stories:

  1. A "New Continent" in the Mid-Atlantic
    A survey of area in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, under more than a mile and
    a half of water, is prompting scientists to describe their findings as
    a "new continent" — because of the abundance of rare or unknown

  2. World’s Deepest Hot Vent
    The world’s deepest known active
    hot vent, Ashadze,
    is more than 2.5-miles deep. It is dominated by anemones, polychaete worms and shrimp. Scientists are finding signs of life even in areas
    mostly devoid of oxygen.

  3. Trawl Scars on a Boulder’s Pencil
    The Earth’s largest methane seep, Boulder’s
    Pencil, is 112 square miles near New Zealand. It was mapped for the first time, and
    scientists discovered the scars of deep-sea trawls. Doh! Draggers beat us to it. Again.

If there was anything interesting happening with brittlestars we’d tell you about it. Promise. – PJE

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